Home — Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen To Christians?

Published: July, 2016.

It is difficult for us humans to understand why somebody who has been a good Christian all his life then God would allow that person to get sick.

Suffering as a part of human life Sometimes we as mere mortals must accept that life on earth is painful. Life and death is a part of life.

Sometimes sickness can be the work of the devil. And God may allow the devil to make a person sick if it serves a greater good.

God can do his work through sickness Sickness can be a means of God's loving discipline. It is difficult for us to comprehend why God would work in this manner. A person can grow closer to God through sickness. And other people around the sick person can get a new perspective on life and their faith.

Even if one experience hardship and sickness one should not blame God or lose faith in him. God is always good even when we are suffering.

Christ cleans leper manJesus cleansing a leper, medieval mosaic from the Monreale Cathedral.