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Published: January, 2016.

When comparing the actions of Jesus what can we conclude that he would think about Bitcoin today?

Earthly wealth is not important No one can serve two masters. You can not serve God and money.

Having great wealth is a gift from God that should be used in his service.

So with this in mind, Bitcoin is just another form of earthly wealth that don't do your soul any good unless it is used in God's service.

The Jewish money changes:. The Jewish money changers had turned Gods house from a place of prayer to a place of commerce. The money changers were rich jews that exchanged money from Greek and Roman currencies to Jewish and Tyrian money. The money had to be Jewish at the temple because the priest would not accept other non gentile currencies.

In this respect we can see that Jesus did not particularly like the Jewish banking services at the time. He turned their tables.

Some 2000 years later our society is even much more plagued by the Jewish banking services. Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers are the money changers of our current times and Jesus would be very angry at these institutions.

Bitcoin is a great threat to these banking institutions because it is an open currency not controlled by jewish bankers. Bitcoin can not be manipulated by a few insiders. It has a fixed money supply that is impossible for bankers to increase the money supply to benefit the banking insiders.

In this respect, Bitcoin as a tool to stop the modern money changers Jesus would be probably welcome it. Jesus would use Bitcoin to turn over the big banks today as he flipped the tables of the money changers some 2000 years ago.

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Jesus cleansing the money lendersChrist Driving the Money Changers from the Temple. By El Greco.