Home — Would You Recognize Jesus On The Street Today?

Published: September, 2015.

Would you recognize Jesus if you passed him on the street?

Jesus would probably not have the same clothes as he did over 2000 years ago. A man wearing a white robe walking down the street would be easy to spot.

But it is conceivable he would look quite ordinary and blend in with the average person. So if Jesus was to appear in America today he would probably be a little bit overweight man, maybe Hispanic looking or African American looking. He would probably be a younger man as he did his work on earth before he was 33 years old when he first came to earth about 2000 years ago.

He would still have nail marks in his hands and a big wound in his side. That is very likely for all Christians would immediately recognize the meaning of the marks. The wound in his side would be difficult to see because it would be covered up by clothes.

Jesus in 2016An imagination how Jesus perhaps would look like today.