Introduction to the site

This site is a collection of information on the subject of online schools and education related to Christianity. It is also about self bible studies and help finding Jesus.

The mission of the site is to build a simple and useful guide. We who have put this site together are Christians ourselves and we believe in spreading the word of Jesus.

We work hard and try our best to provide quality information here on this site. This means that we try to make an honest effort to give you the best information available on the internet on these subjects. And we put forward the information we find and think are credible.

We are not affiliated with any specific church that we are working to get you to join. Our believes in Jesus is what matters for us. Our faith is very personal for us, and for others we believe you should seek help with God and Jesus and he will guide you in your faith.

Also listen to your gut feeling or ask Jesus for help to find the right school.. We have vetted the information on this site as best as we can. But obviously we have not visited every office and spoken to each person. So we ask that you also do research on your own and try to find out if a given school or course is the right for you. If a course costs money you should pay as you go. See if you are satisfied with the course and that it is right for you. Don't pay for a lot of courses up front before you have taken any courses. Instead take a few courses and continue with the rest if you see that it is good. This is common sense, but on the Internet it is more difficult to make sure that big statements written on a webpage holds what it promises.

Whatever your goals and motivations are we hope we can help and guide you to a closer understanding of God, Jesus Christ and the Bible. Richardo Alamo - founder of this website,

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